Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Amazing Staff of "17 Miracles"--The Costume Ladies

Annie, who interrupted her busy work
with wardrobe, to "pose" for this picture
       I can not tell you what the correct term is for those who work on a set of a movie.  I can tell you that those who worked on the "17 Miracles" set were truly amazing people.  It was a special experience to watch them and work underneath them.  I was there for three weeks.  During that time, I never saw any type of discord.  Everyone seemed to be in harmony in an unbelievable way.  From the costume room to the make up , from numerous props to heavy equipment, the work was continual each day.  Often, these people were there hours before any of the filming began, getting everything ready so the preparations for the director/cinematographer (T. C. Christensen), actors, actresses, and yes, even the lowly extras would come to a smooth operation.   These extraordinary individuals would be there first in the mornings, last, often into the wee hours, at night.  Still, you could not ask for a more congenial group of people.  It was hard work.  It wasn’t always easy with the peculiarities of the people they had to work with.  Always, there were smiles.  Always, it was pleasant.   It is no wonder that the movie carries such a spirit about it, because the spirit on set was always one of peace, harmony, and Christ-like interaction.  One of the extras, Dianne, said that she had been an extra in some non-Mormon movies.  She said there was a stark difference in the atmosphere and feeling on the sets.

 I was very disappointed that so many of my pictures weren’t retained by my camera.  Many of them were the pictures I took of the staff working.  I hope you will enjoy the ones I got.  I thought I would start with the wardrobe crew.  They were so impressive.  I only got pictures of Annie and Sonja, but there was also a sister missionary that helped many days.  She was as wonderful as the other two.  I just didn't think of taking pictures all the time. 
One of Annie's many jobs was "dirting" us.
Here she is "dirting" Rebecca


 Annie and Sonja would come on set, after everyone had their costumes, and make sure everyone looked "good."  They might retie our bonnets for us--or even exchange them for a different one.  They would be there to make sure all was perfect.  I didn't get the names of the two other extras being prepared here.  I hope they might see this and recognize themselves. 

 Dianne wanted her picture taken with Annie and Sonja that last day.  What a trio!  Of course, I had to have mine taken to with these wonderful women who did such a marvellous work with the costumes.  You will note that I didn't quite straighten my apron after removing my camera from its case, which is  hanging on my skirt.  The secret is out....I would pin the case with camera under my apron so that I could have it handy when I wanted to take pictures!


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