Friday, May 27, 2011

A Time With Family

     One of the major reason I wanted to be in the movie was so that I might possibly meet some other descendents of Elizabeth.  It seems that no matter where I have lived, I have run into someone who is descended from her...Virginia, Germany, Colorado and who knows how many I didn't know about.  There was hope that I would meet quite a few on the set.  I did meet Utahna, a sweet, very English looking woman, who is descended from Elizabeth’s daughter, Jane, who came across the plains with her mother.  Obviously, her ancestors didn’t marry into the Scandinavian blood that mine did!

     I have the dark brown Cranney eyes that came from Elizabeth's husband, Hyrum King Cranney.  Being from a different husband, Utahna obviously could not have inherited that from Hyrum.  We did have one thing in common-- we both have had large families—contributing to the enormous descendents of Elizabeth.

     While we were the only relatives who didn’t know each other there, I did have some of my more immediate family participate for several of the days.  .

My youngest son and I pose as pioneers


  1. I almost did not recognize Jim! I met a descendent myself. We were all supposed to bring a pioneer story to share at a girls activity. We both had the same story to share!

  2. You and Utahna definitely have similar cheek structure. Fun to see what traits are similar or different.

  3. You should have a long talk with the wardrobe person.

  4. My wife is a Panting. She is descended from Elizabeth's son Christopher Panting. Our fifth child is named after Elizabeth.

  5. I saw your post in my emails and tried to answer it. Just realized that that is a noreply email! So here is what I sent: I haven't had much time to look at the blog since December. Our 4th child contracted meningitis at Christmas time and we have been helping her family until she recovers. It has been a long trial with many set backs and more miracles.

    Could you share any info that your wife's family might have about Elizabeth. I have been told that there was a journal Elizabeth wrote, but there isn't anyone in our family that knows anything about it. I would love to get a copy and picture of it, if possible. I would also love to compile a list of all the descendants of Elizabeth's someday when I have a little more time. I think all of us descendants would be amazed to know how many there are! I also think we might be amazed at where they all live. I have visitors to the blog from all over the world. Most of those visitors were checking out Elizabeth!

    My email is

    Thank you for your response.