Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Exciting News

I live over 500 miles away from the Utah Valley, so even though the movie is playing in theaters there, I have not yet had the opportunity to see it.  Yesterday, my husband, a high councilor, visited a ward in our stake.    We learned that that ward is going to have the opportunity to see the movie--at least the youth are--soon!  I hope that means our ward will also have this opportunity.  I am anxious to see it.  My two children, who were extras in the movie, attended the premier.  They said that it was very spiritual and touching. 

How could it not be?  With true experiences of God's love during impossible trials, combined with the gifts and talents of T. C. Christensen to portray them, "17 Miracles" has to be one of the most moving movies we will ever see.  As I watched from the background, I saw the dedication, spirit, and talent of T. C.  His work as a director is meticulous.  He takes whatever time is required to get all the possible angles, details and viewpoints.  He is a master storyteller with a camera.  After spending three weeks on set, I had no doubt that this movie would be a stunning success.  From all reports, it is.

I took several pictures of T. C. "at work", but for some reason my camera had a problem and only gave me an "error" for about 3 days taking.  I am disappointed in the pictures that I lost.  However, on the last day that I was on set, we were at an area that looks very similar to Wyoming.  At the end of a long day, T. C., typical of him, was visiting with cast members.  He wasn't too busy or too rushed to take time for people--even a lowly extra.  I managed to get a picture with him--he graciously posed with me.  Duane, another extra who took the picture for me, also wanted one with T. C.   

I should mention, that T. C. always appears so calm, so collected, so casual that it would probably surprise an observer that he is also a perfectionist in his work.  He doesn't come across as an intense type A.  Very congenial and with a sense of humor, he promotes comfortableness on his sets.  Make no mistake, the professionalism is there abundantly.  It is seen, if one looks carefully, in the manner that the staff (is that the correct name for all the people who work on the set?) carry out T. C.'s directives.  They do it quickly, quietly and without any complaint or division.  It was amazing to see such unity and cohesiveness among so many.

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