Tuesday, June 21, 2011

More Descendents

Here is another picture of Eileen, who came to the LDS Movie Studios, one day.  Doesn't she make a beautiful pioneer?  I thought she looked so dignified.

My daughter, Tanita, and her family came from Wyoming to participate one weekend.  I imagine that after a day’s walk, the pioneer women may have looked very similar to how we did.  Hopefully, there were many “sisters” who stood by each other during the difficulties of the trek.

We were “dirty” thanks to Annie, the costume genius, and her crew.  They would use costume “dirt” to put on our clothes.  Then spend half the night washing the clothes so they would be clean the next morning for whomever wore them.   The make up people would dirty our faces, necks and hands.  They did a good job!  We certainly look like we have had a rough day on the trail.

Granddaughter Amy with her father,  Scott
To right:  Grandson Chris with Bro. Penrod

I had to bring this picture of Marina up close to show her disguntled face.  I am not sure why she was feeling the way she was at the moment, but I can imagine this type of face evident on many pioneer children's faces over the months of travel.  She looks like she has had enough.  I can imagine what the mother's suffered, watching their children in those conditions-- losing them to the weather, the hunger, the vicious Wyoming terrain.  I grew up in southern Wyoming.  I "know the territory."  It is harsh and difficult.  The wind never stops blowing.  The winters can be, and usually are, brutal.  There was every winter, while I was there, usually at least one or more days with the weather at -50 degrees, that is 50 below 0.  Add the wind chill factor; it was unbelievably cold.  Even bundled up with our modern warm clothing, we would be cold.  How did any of the pioneers survive?  We know the answer....God.

Here we all are, excepting Chris.  I am not sure where he was.  Note that Marina finally found her smile.  What an experience it was.  Did the pioneers have days that they were able to smile?  Did they have times of laughter and fun?  Of course!  Remember the dancing?  Though I wasn't in the scene, there was a dance scene taken.  There must be laughter!  There must be joy!  Life, even with challenges, trials and burdens has bright bursts of sunshine.  It had those moments for them and for all of us.  We only need turn our face toward the Son to find them.

Hate to admit it but I am a great aunt.  Have no clue how that could have happened so quickly!  Here are some of my nephews who participated.  Jonah (left) and his brother, Tristan (below), were vacationing in Utah and came to be pioneers for a couple of days.  
In the picture below of Jonah, notice the big white screen on the upper left of the picture.  This was a screen used to reflect light for the scene.  It seemed to do the same thing for the movie camera as it would for still photography in a studio.  The sunshine was bright so I was surprised that they needed that.  I imagine that it helped to direct the light where it was desired.


Though he was very busy, Bryce, another nephew came one day.  We had a great time visiting and discussing many subjects--which is why I only got one picture of him.  I did manage to get the three cousins together!

Bryce with his ever-present smile

All these people, too, are descendents of Elizabeth's.  Her influence extends to the latest generation, as family members pass down the heritage she left.  This, then, the reason we all wanted to be in a movie that honored her story.


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