Thursday, December 1, 2011

Academy Awards--an extra's pick

    Some of the acting was "superb," as Albert would say. My first pick for the "academy awards" would definitely be Jason Wade. Jason Wade did an amazing interpretation of Levi Savage.  I believe I mentioned how I would tear up during the take when he was making his warning speech to the saints.  During one of the breaks, my daughter and I went to get a drink.  I told her that I couldn't wait until we were through taking that scene (we seemed to do it an innumerable amount of times).  In answer to her question why, I said that Jason was doing it with such emotion every time, that I,  knowing what the future would hold for those saints, could not hold back tears.  It was emotionally draining me.  Just then Jason came to the refreshment tent also.  My daughter told him what I had said.  His response to this was revealing and we learn why he played Levi so well.  He humbly stated that he hoped that when he met Levi Savage, that he would be pleased with his (Jason's) portrayal of him.  That was the thought foremost in Jason's mind as he portrayed Levi.  My opinion is that Jason succeeded entirely.  We understood Levi's motivation, we marveled at his humility, we felt his distress, we blushed with his embarrassments, and we grew to love him as a man of God.  Jason was the vehicle for that to happen.  Don't you look forward to the time when you can meet Levi also?  I would like to tell him "Thank you"--thank you for your strength, for your example, for your courage, for your sacrifice, for your help to my great grandmother, for your faith."  Learning more about Levi Savage strengthened me.  The movie made him so real!  He was a hero.

     I will talk about other "academy" winners later. 


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