Monday, December 5, 2011

Academy Awards--an extra's viewpoint

   There were many other characters in the movie that touch our heartstrings through their portrayal. Ann Rowley's experience and faith were portrayed in a very sensitive manner.  In this sequence we see the incredible talents of T. C. creating the most powerful emotions in us through the window he allows us into Ann's experience.  The angles of the takes, the darkness of the scene, even the simplicity of the dialogue moves our souls to cry out with Ann.  Her painful  plead to the Father reminds us of our supplications in our extremities.  Her remembrance of the sea biscuits, her preparation of them, and then the factual approach in her faith filled prayer with her children bring floods of emotions as we relate to her endurance.  The story would not have been so poignant without Natalie Blackman.  Her talented portrayal of Ann emerges us into the depths of emotions.  We share in the anguish that a mother would feel when she is helpless to care for her children.  Tears fall as I watch.  I have sat by my daughter’s side, helpless to care for her, as spinal meningitis ravaged her small 5 year old body.  Like Ann, I had only one place to turn.  Like Ann, my pleads were answered.  My daughter is now the   mother of five intelligent, lovely children.  God did hear and answer prayers.  He still does.

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